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Posted by worthmoney on February 11, 2014

what is it worth,money

— November 22, 2014

A Beautiful Mermaid Figurine Sitting on the Sea or Ocean floor & what it is worth

A wonderful figurine of a beautiful Mermaid sitting at the bottom of the ocean or sea with a magical crystal ball.

— November 20, 2014

Whats it worth for a childs cup and saucer in pink made by Enesco Giftware in Japan

This child's tea cup and saucer set in pink, would be a delight to any little girl, it could also be a wonderful vintage baby shower gift or an addition…

— November 19, 2014

Two love birds sitting happily on a tree a solid glass ornament What is it worth

This type of ornament is suitable for home decor on display or a nice gift idea for that someone special.

— November 19, 2014

Battle Shot Ships A fun High Quality Drinking Game and its Value

What is it worth for this awesome drinking game is made out of high quality cast acrylic and is laser cut to precision. This game makes the party.

— November 19, 2014

Royal Worcester Antique matching pair of vases with still life floral design panels

A wonderful matching pair, they are quite rare to find. The finely painted panels surrounded by raised paste gilding.

— November 19, 2014

A Royal Doulton Pitcher displaying Queen Elizabeth I Royal Doulton Series Ware Year 1930s

What is it worth information for a Royal Doulton Pitcher displaying Queen Elizabeth I in a procession outside Moreton Hall surrounded by young footmen

— November 19, 2014

A Vintage Fenton Carnival Glass Fish Trout Jumping Iridescent Figurine

Fenton Carnival Glass Fish a Trout Jumping Iridescent Figurine Sculpture Paperweight Super Luster Colorful Nautical Art Decor.

— November 18, 2014

What's it worth for a Mounted English Knight of King Richard the Lionheart in Suit of Armor

An English Knight of King Richard the Lionheart riding a horse standing on a wooden platform. 13 inches tall The Horse is made of Wood the Armor is…

— November 18, 2014

A Collectable Courtland Tin Rocking R Ranch Wind up tin toy

See Saw Toy Made in the USA.A working 'Rocking R Ranch' Tin See Saw that works freely when the key is turned.

— November 18, 2014


A Beautiful vintage cup and saucer made by Royal Albert England Fine bone china with a colourful country scene.

— November 17, 2014

Antique Victorian Masons Ironstone Large Mug Chinoiserie Design Serpent Skin Handle & what it is worth

An antique Victorian Mason's Ironstone Large Mug, Chinoiserie Design, Serpent Skin Handle, Lovely Colours, Oriental Scene, Nice Size This is a lovely…

— November 17, 2014

A collectable Vintage Fisher Price Molly Moo Cow year 1972 & what it is worth

Farm Animals Vintage Fisher Price Molly Moo Cow year 1972 & what it is worth in money and value to a collector.

— November 16, 2014



— November 15, 2014

Value of a collectable vintage Howdy Doodys TV Game from Milton Bradley

The game is mainly made from cardboard includes the game board, game spinner, game markers and of course the Howdy Doody dial.

— November 14, 2014

A Mickey Mouse Gold Coin a first edition Mickey's Magic Good Luck 1987

The case has a Mickey Mouse image inside underneath is stamped Rarities mint. You will also have a serial number in red numbers.

— November 13, 2014

A Collectable Vintage Knight Rider Tin Lunchbox with thermos item from the 1980s

The Knight Rider collectable Tin Lunchbox and light blue plastic thermos inside. Made of tin for this estimate the lunch box and thermos must be in good…

— November 13, 2014

In antique shops or an Old country kitchen you might find this Italian Venetian pyramid Decanter bottle

The bottle is Vintage made from thick crystal glass with a Murano Venetian Quality Crafted in Italy found in an antique shop or an Old Italian kitchen.

— November 13, 2014

As YODA would say For the STAR WARS COLLECTOR is this Star Wars Land Speeder Space Vehicle Toy

All about Star wars Land speeder | The original box contains 1 x land speeder with floating suspension Star wars action figures not included. Made by…

— November 13, 2014

A very cute Timmy Willie Sleeping Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figurine

Royal Albert Made in England Timmy Willie Sleeping Beatrix Potter On the base F Warne & Co 1986 - 1989 ROYAL ALBERT LTD

— November 12, 2014

Two player card games collectible the Dukes of Hazzard uno game & what it is worth

2 player card games don't get better than dukes of hazzard car show. The Dukes of Hazzard UNO Card Game 108 Cards and Instructions

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