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A wonderful set of four the smurfs Bithday party collectable Glass Tumblers year 1983. Peyo glasses, licensed by Wallace Berrie & Co. The Set consists of 1 each of Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf, Baker Smurf, and Clumsy Smurf. Festive birthday party theme glasses with lots of fun color and detailing. Each glass measures approximately 6 inches tall. For this what is it worth estimated valuation the Glasses must be in excellent vintage condition. No chips or cracks. The Colord still very bright and vibrant. These glasses are perfect glassware for those who want to relive the 80's or re-channel their childhood. A fun way to get your daily glass of water in vintage style!

SELLING - if you want to sell this item or similar expect to get the following amount if selling online: $30 to $40 Australian
BUYING - if you wish to buy this item online or a similar item online it’s a bargain if less than the following amount: $35 Australian
PAYING TOO MUCH - if more than: $60 Australian
VALUE - This items full estimated value at the date of posting taking into account online and offline prices: Our estimated value is between $35 to $45 Australian
KEEPING - If you’re thinking about keeping this item or a similar item for it to grow in value we suggest the following Waiting for at least 20 years for this item to grow in value!
AUCTION START PRICE - If you’re thinking about selling this item online at an auction site we suggest a starting price of $30 Australian
IS THIS ITEM RARE ON A SCALE OF 1 to 10 (10 is extremely rare) = 6

We hope you enjoy searching for one specific item or perhaps you might just enjoy having a look through the many different items with values! You never know what memories they might re-spark for you. All the information provided is to be used as helpful free information to anyone who wishes to use it! How much is this worth? How much is it worth? Or its estimated value is? Are always popular questions! Our aim is to answer these questions for free by providing examples in a video clip demo or a photograph plus describing each item as well as we possibly can! If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to let us know at any time!

All the information contained is from our combined personal experiences including my own. The information has been researched by us online, in books, At Antique stores, at land based Auctions, from DVD references, from magazines or at the library in books! If we really have great difficulties we will ask fellow collectors or Antique dealers around our local area. We don’t claim to be experts on everything but are quite happy with our estimates most of the time.


07/22/14@ 07:28:00 am Categories: VALUE ELECTRICAL GOODS , 7 words   English (US) latin1
$14.22   $21.99   (35 Available)
End Date: Jul 23,2014 07:59 AM GMT-07:00

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