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What is it worth.net is a useful website to help you value any item. Its all for free and we think it could be one of the worlds most useful and interesting websites.

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What is it worth in money | Free Values | Buying or Selling

What is it worth.net is a useful website to help you value any item. It’s all for free and we think and really hope that it could be one of the world’s most useful websites. What is it worth for electronics and mobile phones to card games, antiques or collectables? What is it worth net is designed to help people find out what goods and products of all different kinds are worth in money to help when deciding to buy, sell, keep for longer or just to find out what the items estimated value is. We have hundreds of videos to search through as well as some useful & hopefully interesting research information. Please subscribe to our youtube channel below where you can get a first look at every new item that's added to the what is it worth website.

Collecting is such a wonderful hobby and many people collect something whether they know it or not? Looking around any person’s house you will find something around the place that the home owner is collecting! It may be cat ornaments scattered about the place or pictures of landscapes, or even bathroom soaps which most people seem to have for an example. Bringing like or similar items together really makes for great viewing and brings people together to talk about things for hours. I love to collect Royal Doulton character jugs and Toby jugs and have them displayed nicely in a cabinet I love to turn the lights on and stare at them for relaxation. Anyway the point I'm trying to make is collecting something is fun and could be something that really might interest you whether your a new collector or an experienced fanatic like me there's definitely something great about collecting and keeping an eye out for that next addition. Today I find myself visiting markets and second hand stores that I didn’t even know existed once upon a time. Anyway we and I hope you find something interesting for you at what-is-it-worth.net.



Collectible Harley Davidson 1936 Knucklehead knife by the Franklin Mint. 4 1/2 inches closed, 7 1/4 inches open, has a stainless steel blade

Punch & Judy Large Royal Doulton character jug & what it is worth in money

A wonderful collectors jug is the Punch & Judy Large numbered D6946 Designed by Stanley J. Taylor, issued in 1994 a limited edition

A beautiful french clock movement from Japy Freres & what it is worth

The movement is original and revised and cleaned by a watchmaker. Enclosed are: pendulum with the same number as the movement-number

This is an Antique Koch Harmonica Made In Germany with it's Original Box & what it is worth

A wonderful piece for a collector with the box showing a very happy boy considering an item like this was a real luxury in the past. A Vintage item from around the 1950s

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Masters of the Universe Classic Mekaneck Figure & what it is worth

Mekaneck was originally tagged by Mattel as the 'Heroic human periscope'. He is a member of the Heroic Warriors, with the ability to stretch his bionic neck to great heights

Golfers 2003 Masters Limited Edition Putter a limited edition of 500 Champion Mike Weir & what it is worth

This is a limited edition souvenir putter sold at the 2003 Masters, numbered 1 to 500. Quite a nice collectors item for the golfer or golfing fan

A collectable Zenith vintage bakelite tube radio & what it is worth

A 1950s Zenith vintage tube radio model H723Z in a marbleized brown bakelite case with propeller dial.

Whats it worth for a childs cup and saucer in pink made by Enesco Giftware in Japan

This child's tea cup and saucer set in pink, would be a delight to any little girl, it could also be a wonderful vintage baby shower gift or an addition for tea cup and saucer collectors

A very cute Timmy Willie Sleeping Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figurine


Royal Albert Made in England Timmy Willie Sleeping Beatrix Potter On the base F Warne & Co 1986 - 1989 ROYAL ALBERT LTD

Antique Victorian Masons Ironstone Large Mug Chinoiserie Design Serpent Skin Handle & what it is worth

An antique Victorian Mason's Ironstone Large Mug, Chinoiserie Design, Serpent Skin Handle, Lovely Colours, Oriental Scene, Nice Size This is a lovely old mug.

A collectable Vintage Fisher Price Molly Moo Cow year 1972 & what it is worth

Farm Animals Vintage Fisher Price Molly Moo Cow year 1972 & what it is worth in money and value to a collector.

A Mickey Mouse Gold Coin a first edition Mickey's Magic Good Luck year 1987

The case has a Mickey Mouse image inside underneath is stamped Rarities mint. You will also have a serial number in red numbers.

Royal Worcester Antique matching pair of vases with still life floral design panels

A wonderful matching pair, they are quite rare to find. The finely painted panels surrounded by raised paste gilding.

A Meissen Porcelain Figurine a Monkey Band Guitar Player & what it is worth

Meissen Porcelain Monkey Band series figurine – Guitar Player. Properly marked and numbered on the bottom with the blue cross swords under glaze

A Beautiful Mermaid Figurine Sitting on the Sea or Ocean floor & what it is worth

A wonderful figurine of a beautiful Mermaid sitting at the bottom of the ocean or sea with a magical crystal ball.

Antique Tresseman & Vogt Limoges Holly Demitasse Cup and Saucer & what it is worth


This antique T&V Tresseman & Vogt Limoges Holly Demitasse Cup and Saucer are a great example of the beautiful hand-painted Limoges china at the turn of the century.


King Arthur´s history and legend is intimately linked to the magic and mysterious sword king arthur sword "Excalibur". As Merlin the wizard had proclaimed, only the one able to take the sword out of the stone would be the king.

A Rare antique majolica oyster plate with a central handle & what it is worth


This antique majolica oyster plate is a production of the famous ORCHIES Factory in France circa 1880 This item with a cental handle is very rare to find Superb and elegant " Art Nouveau" pattern.

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